Foxconn faces hiring problems in Wisconsin

Unsurprisingly, one of the major inquiries of US President Donald Trump during his campaign in 2016 was that many products loved by the United States depend high on other countries. So when his victory was confirmed, it was soon the first clash with Tim Cook, who did not want to bring the iPhones to the US.

This desire to see electronics being produced locally has its share of blame in the recent trade war of China’s Trump and China, which are constantly retaliating by imposing new import duties.

But in an apparent victory of its pressure, Foxconn decided – through a long negotiation with the state of Wisconsin – to install one of its factories in the region. That, of course, was not for nothing: Apple’s partner company has earned tax incentives worth $4 billion.

One dilemma, however, has been attracting skilled labor to the factory, which needs 13,000 employees to begin its activities. It turns out that demand is low, and it was thought that the company could bring workers from China to the site, which clearly ignited the red alert of government officials.

However, reported by Gizmodo, Foxconn denied this plan, and states that it continues to recruit local citizens and in many cases providing the necessary training for factory activities.

This “generosity” of the company becomes necessary because of the low unemployment in Wisconsin: only 3% of the residents are out of the job market, and with the company’s history of bad working conditions and salaries far from attractive amounts, few are interested in dropping their current jobs; and a strategy of co-opting already employed persons is needed in the region.

The problem is so great that Foxconn has already had to readjust its plan of operation: initially the local factory would be deployed for the production of glass panels up to 75 inches for the production of televisions of partner companies. Now, as we mentioned at the outset, the project is being developed to meet the demand for portable electronics panels.

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