FCC once again urged but also warned phone companies to implement caller ID authentication system for combating robocalls

Federal Communication Commission has asked the phone companies to implement a new anti-robocall technology across their services till the end of this year, and it will consider regulatory interventions, of the companies failed to do so.

Last week on Wednesday, Ajit Pai, Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, in a bid to combat spoofing and illegal robocalls, once again asked the companies to implement the technology which could robustly verify the calling person’s ID.

In order to relieve consumers from scam calls, Pai has been forcing the phone companies emphasizing implementation of Shaken and Stir protocols in which calls go through a process of caller ID authentication and resultantly will block the robocalls.

Most of the major phone service providers have showed their commitment to implement the program but for those who have yet not made any moves towards the implementation, Pai has issued the recent warning.

In a press release, Pai said that a standardized implementation of the blocking system will be more helpful to improve caller authentication through all the networks and will be assuring that the service has been provided to every consumer.

The implementation goal is achievable for every major telephone company, wireless provider and VoIP operators interconnected with these service providers and I also expect that those companies who still remained lagging behind to implement the system will put their best efforts to be come up with the implementations, Pai said.

Spoofed calls involves calls from apparently familiar phone numbers but are actually made by scammer by hijacking those numbers, and Pai’s current call on carriers emphacizing to gear up their efforts to counter such spoof calls, is not for the first time as in November, he wrote letters to heads of T-Mobile, AT&T, Google, Sprint, Comcast and others urging them for adoption of caller ID authentication system to be done in 2019.

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