Facebook’s stricter political ad rules in U.S. ahead of next-year elections

Facebook Inc has been coming up making its ad rules in the United States more and more tightened as before the U.S. presidential election in November 2020 it will now be required new disclosures not only for its own platform but also for its photo-sharing site Instagram, as said the company last week.

For U.S. political advertisers, the social media giant has been introducing a label called “confirmed organization”, for which those organization have to reveal their credentials issued by the government in order to confirm their legitimacy.

All advertisers that have been running ads on social or political issues will also have been required to mention information to contact them and the rule also apply to the advertisers who are not seeking to get the official label. Facebook has given a deadline of mid-Oct to advertisers to comply with the new rules or else there are chances of their ads to become discontinue.

Since last year, Facebook remained gradually introducing ad transparency tools in many countries that varies country to country and all that have after facing much of the criticism and strict scrutiny from regulators in the United States for allegedly use of its platform by Russia to intervene in last U.S. presidential election in 2016.

From May 2018, company in the United States made it obligatory for the political advertisers to put a disclaimer namely “paid for by” on their ads, but Facebook later on unveiled that some advertisers had rather adopted misleading approach or attempted to become registered as an organization that actually does not exists.

Facebook succeeded to identify mistreatment of those disclaimers in 2018 and Sarah Schiff, Facebook’s product manager, described these incidents as company’s effort to strengthen its advertisement policies.

Advertisers, in order to get the “confirmed organization” label on Facebook, have to submit their tax-registered organization ID number, Federal Election Commission ID or government website domain in case if an official email is required.

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