Facebook would be bound of Oversight board’s decision except policy changes

Facebook Inc will allow a new outside supervisory board to finally decide about the eligibility of individual pieces of contents to be displayed on the social media’s site, but the group will not be in a position to make any changes in the firm’s policy, said the Facebook on Tuesday.

About 2.4 billion people use the platform of social media giant every month and with such a huge number of users, Facebook, has been facing much of the criticism for not putting enough efforts to counter cyber bullying, hate speech and other content that came violating its community standards, but with the current move it is trying taking down offensive videos and photos.

The board will serve only the purpose of an appeal body with authority to handle the cases where users would not be in agreement with the company’s decisions on any controversial content.

The board’s decision will be final and everyone at Facebook including myself would be bound to adhere to, even if they would not be in favor of that decision, Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg said in a statement, referring to calls on specific content, such as videos and photos.

Facebook, after going through a process of global consultation, came creating a charter for the group.

Though the new board would not be able to make any policy-level changes, but the company will be in requirement of publicly responding to any recommendations made by the board.

Facebook is expecting announcing some of the board’s members by the end of this year and board starting handling cases in early next year.

Board is likely to be having number of members between 11 and 40 when fully comprised and some initial members will help select the later members. The public will also be allowed to name suitable candidates to become board’s member by recommending them through a recommendation portal available to them.

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