Facebook to follow Canadian Watchdog recommendations over privacy laws

Facebook Inc is involved in breaking Canada’s privacy laws in collecting the information of about 600,000 Canadian nationals, a top regulator said on Thursday, as the watchdog is pledging seeking a court order to enforce the social media giant for making changes in its business practices.

The comments by Privacy Commissioner Daniel Therrien came while he was sharing the findings of a year-ago probe into a scandal of Facebook’s data sharing with Cambridge Analytica, a British political consulting firm that has now been dysfunctional after surfacing of the scandal that had impacted the last U.S. presidential elections.

Facebook has partially recognized the investigation’s findings as it acknowledged of remained breaching the user’s trust but is not in agreement with the results of the investigation, Therrien said.

Facebook remained failed to act responsibly which is most disturbing as it has been entrusted by the users with a large amount of their sensitive personal information, said Therrien, adding that the Facebook declined to voluntarily submit its privacy practices and policies to audits over the next five years.

The severe contradiction between commitments publically made by Facebook to change its privacy practices and its declining to address the serious issues identified by the Privacy Commissioner, the company even does not accepted that it has broke the law which is extremely alarming, he added.

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner is not empowered to impose financial penalties, but it can request court orders to enforce an entity to follow its instructions.

It could take the Privacy Commissioner a year to obtain such a court order, Therrien said.

The investigation, apart from privacy breaches, highlighted issues related to the regulations administering social media companies.

Facebook’s refusal of complying with the recommendations has put a question mark to effectiveness of country’s current laws, added Therrien, who also urged the lawmakers to give his office power with sanctioning authorities.

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