Facebook making stricter rules for ads during elections

Facebook Inc will be coming up extending its rules and tools related to political advertising to reduce interference in elections going to be held in next few months. This year is scheduled for the elections in many countries of the world including India, Ukraine, European Union and Nigeria.

Facebook is surely recognized as the largest social media service in nearly every big country and a wide-spread and influential platform. For the reason, since 2016, it has become a medium for politicians and their opponents to circulate fake news and other propaganda campaigns especially at the time of elections, as buying ads at Facebook provide exposure of such materials to more of the audience. But, those influencing effort may came contradicting company’s policies or violating election rules.

Such manipulating incidents put the Facebook under pressure from the authorities in many countries around the world, for which, several initiatives with increased oversight of political ads, were introduced by the company last year.

For Nigerian presidential elections going to be held on Feb 16, began on Wednesday in the country, Facebook will allow running of electoral ads, only to those advertisers which are located in the country, just like the policy adopted by the company during an Irish referendum last May, Harbath, Facebook’s director of global politics and outreach, said in an interview.

Facebook will also practice the same strategy in Ukraine in February for its presidential elections scheduled to be held on March 31.

Starting from next month, In India, a searchable online library will be used to place the electoral ads by Facebook for the country’s upcoming parliamentary elections this spring, said Rob Leathern, director of product management at Facebook.

The strategy to hold the ads in a library for a period of seven years will come to be playing a key part of fight against interference, he added delivering the believes of Facebook about the strategy.

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