Facebook facing law violation allegations in Vietnam

In Vietnam, Facebook has been facing charges of violating country’s new cybersecurity law.

On Wednesday, the state media of Vietnam, for allowing its platform to be used for posting anti-government comments by users, has alleged the Facebook of being breaking the new cybersecurity law that came into effect few days ago in the communist-ruled country after going through a controversial legislation process.

Ruling Communist Party in Vietnam keeps the media under strict censorship and does not spare any disagreement in the midst of an era when ongoing economic and social reforms have been taking place in the strictly ruled country.

Ministry of Information and Communication has requested the Facebook to remove those fanpages that are involved in provoking anti state activities, but the company reportedly declined to do so, said official Vietnam News Agency citing the ministry.

Referring to the allegations, a Facebook spokeswoman without an elaboration stated that for governments reporting any illegal content on its platform, company has a clear process of reviewing all such requests in light of its services policies and local laws in force.

The ministry accused Facebook that activities like anti-government opinions, defamation of individuals as well as organizations and uploading of posts having insulting contents through personal accounts have also been allowed by the company, added the agency.

In Vietnam, cybersecurity law become effective on Jan1 and it imposes conditions upon technology companies to institute their local offices in the country and also store their data locally and for these reasons, not only global tech giants but also the human rights groups have expressed their concerns about the law that will weaken the development activities and suppress innovation process in the country.

Ministry has found the Facebook being seriously violating the cybersecurity law as well as other regulations with regard to different aspects of internet services, added the official news agency citing the ministry.

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