Facebook busy shaping out an oversight board

Facebook Inc last week on Thursday shared the findings of its discussions with external experts into company’s content review process, which provides a quick look into the initial structure of an “external oversight board” that company is planning proposing.

Over the past six months, Facebook has been pleading for feedback from more than 650 people at workshops around the world in 88 countries regarding draft plan for the intended board, which the company is describing as an autonomous court of appeals on content decisions that will function independently.

On different social networking platforms of Facebook having about 2.4 billion people worldwide attached to them, decision about speech deemed acceptable should not rest solely in the hands of company, said Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg.

The company is set finalizing charter of the proposed board in August, it said.

Attendees at the workshops were generally in agreement on the matter that there should not be any Facebook employee sitting on the board, according to the report. Also, removing of a member from board should not be possible for the company but with a cause, and responsibility of clarifying the definition of “cause” would also be of the company, they said.

Ability to pick its own cases, setting up of board’s decision as standard for future cases and equipping the board with influential powers upon the Facebook’s content policies was other proposals in the report which were worth noticing.

Board’s independence in the presence of both state departments and company’s internal actors remained the big question for the attendees, who expressed their concerns over it.

It is now for long since Facebook is under criticism from different aspect of the society including the state factors for remaining failed or doing insufficient efforts on its platforms to counter hate speech, bullying, content responsible for stimulating violence and other contents that are in violation of standards set by the communities.

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