Facebook bringing facial recognition technology to all of its users

Facebook Inc came making decision around use of facial recognition technology on its platform as it said that from now onward the face recognition feature will be available to all of its users but with a freedom of having an option to opt out of it, while it also decided to stop offering the related feature of Tag Suggestions on its platform.

Facebook has been providing the face recognition feature to some of its users since December 2017, and after the availability of the feature to all of its users, the platform will inform the account holder in case of his/her profile picture being used by someone else or in case of their appearance in photos upload by other users who have not tagged the same to them.

Tag Suggestion is a feature at Facebook’s platform that makes use of facial recognition technology only to suggest a user to those friends that are appearing in the photos, and that for the use of face recognition technology in that feature, Facebook is already facing a lawsuit concerning over privacy related issues since 2015.

Users in Illinois filed that lawsuit against the social media giant accusing it to be involved in violation of Biometric Information Privacy Act of the state and claimed that the platform’s action of collecting and storing biometric data of millions of its users without having their consent is illegal.

In last month, Facebook failed in its effort of undoing the lawsuit’s status of class action when its request was rejected by a federal appeals court.

Facebook always informed users about its use of facial recognition technology and has gave them option of turning that feature on or off whenever they wanted to do so, company said last month, adding that it will continue working with privacy experts, regulators, academics and users on privacy issues related to use face recognition technology.

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