Facebook admitted to have privacy protection flaw in Messenger Kids app

Facebook Inc, weeks after raising privacy concerns by two U.S. Senators about its Messenger Kids app, has acknowledged a privacy flaw in the application. Facebook also confirmed that it has talked to the U.S. Federal trade Commission and briefed it about the issue.

In its reply to two Democrats, Facebook’s Vice President Kevin Martin described the issue as a “technical error” and said that highlighted flaw is also among the many products and issues upon which company is in regular contact with the FTC.

The letter, which was also seen by Reuters, was sent to Democratic Senators Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut and Ed Markey of Massachusetts on August 27th.

Facebook in its letter told the Senators that on the basis of its review of the matter, it has determined that technical error they have pointed out came to happened in October 2018 and remedial action implemented by the company is designed to prevent the flaw from arising again.

On the other hand, both senators, on Wednesday, have showed their disappointment in the way Facebook has handled the issue. Markey and Blumenthal in their response to to Facebook’s letter said that they become particularly disappointed on Facebook’s approach of handling the matter as the company did not assured that it will further go through any comprehensive review of Messenger Kids to look for any other privacy issues and additional bugs.

On August 06, the senators in their letter written to Facebook have questioned the company about presence of a loop hole in privacy protection of children using the Messenger Kids app and sought transparency in the matter.

In their letter to Facebook Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg, the senators conveyed their disturbance on coming to know that application in question allowed thousands of children to join the app’s group chat feature with not having all members of the group approved by the parents of children joining the group.

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