Edge Data Center likely to capture $13 billion by 2024

Value of Edge Data Center Market by 2024, from current value of $4 billion, has been expected to rise over $13 billion because of rising demand for edge and cloud computing technology.

Setting up of infrastructure facilities closer to the sources of data generation will be the benefit of these technologies, stated Global Market Insight in its new research.

Eliminating the requirement of establishing it in a centralized warehouse, the edge of a network will be offering total control over the storage and data processing.

The Edge Data center technologies will be coming up with low operating costs, improved application performance, reduced network traffic and real-time data analysis in the industrial sector.

Stimulating the market growth and enhancing the business operations, a rapid increase in frequency and rate of data processing has being observed by the organizations.

An incremental adoption of these facilities in hard environmental conditions like bad weather is the main factor behind the market growth, as the Edge Data Centers provide a better protection against fire, heat, humidity rain and a lot more.

For Information Technology, applications of Edge facilities provide a higher category of data layer security. In a number of industries, need of a secured data environment has been rise more than before because of the increasing occurrence of theft, cyber attacks and data loss, and this has been boosting the market growth of Edge Data Centers eventually. Telecom and IT industries with their rapidly increasing data generation are the high adopters of Edge Data market and are expected to be increasing the industry demand for a longer period of time.

The planning of operators, depending more on edge computing technologies due to increasing demand of 5G connectivity, for establishment of facilities nearer to 5G towers is also resulting with market growth of these technologies in telecommunication industry.

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