Dutch telecom KPN’s clearer stance about Huawei

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In the midst when the United States has been pressing its allies to shun Huawei Technologies’s equipment fearing it spying for the Chinese government, a Dutch telecom firm Royal KPN NV came on saying that it will choose a Western supplier for its core 5G mobile network build out, a move that place it among the first operators in the Europe adopting a clear stance of not allowing Huawei to take part in such work.

The Hague-based KPN, which is the largest telecom firm in the Netherland, said in last week of previous month that it will buy of 5G radio equipment from Huawei, as the telecom operators considers that equipment less sensitive.

KPN’s Chief Financial Officer Jan Kees de Jager said that the company’s decision was made on the basis of remarks surfaced in the Dutch political debate over concerns about the Huawei’s equipment and is in accordance with the decision the United Kingdom has been considering taking, according to leaked British plans.

De Jager, who also served as the Finance Minister of Netherland from 2010 to 2012, said that KPN considers the core networks as more vital than the radio access network.

Earlier in last month, head of the Netherland’s intelligence agency told the government not to use Russian or Chinese technology as both the countries are involved in espionage activities that could threaten the national security of the country, but any clear stance on the issue has yet to be taken by the Dutch government, which is likely to be made by the end of June.

Huawei is attached with the KPN for more than a decade as its major supplier for equipment, but shunning the Chinese firm in favor of European companies like Ericsson or Nokia for company’s core equipment would not be raising the related purchasing costs, argued De Jager.

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