DISH join hands with Ericsson for NB-IoT

DISH has selected the Ericsson for deployment of its Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) network, which made the Ericsson very first of the wireless vendor of DISH. Providing the core network and radio access, the satellite television company’s NB-IoT, has likely to be completed by March 2020.

Leveraged by its expertise in global wireless radio, Ericsson, in earlier 2018, has completed the DISH’s initial plan of implementing radio frequency (RF) for NB-IoT across the country.

For the first time in United States, connections with extended range of 100km from a base station have been validated by the both the companies, also confirmed the 3GPP standards compliant data transmission of NB-IoT.

Besides planning and deployment, DISH has been seeing the Ericsson as the key partner towards its coverage specifications compliance certification.

For Ericsson’s Cloud Core network, installation and commissioning coupled with testing of its integration, has been successfully completed by the DISH. NR-capable radios of Ericsson Radio System will also be included in DISH’s network.

Planning for the future of Internet of Things, making of explicitly dedicated virtualized and distributed core network, accompanied by an operating system (OS) for IoT, was announced by Ericsson and Sprint in September. Through their global collaboration, to provide the enterprises and end users with actionable and instant intelligence, network with optimal device data flow has been designed.

Also in September at Burgdorf, Switzerland, Ericsson in collaboration with Swisscom announced completion of its 5G testing with 5G NR data call on 3.5 Ghz band, claiming it to be the Europe’s first end-to-end, multi-vendor call by the both companies.

With mere software up gradation, new records coverage range for NB-IoT, has been set by Ericsson and Telstra, also in the month of September. 3GPP standard complying range of 40km has been extended to a range of about 100km by Ericsson’s advancements of not requiring physical changes to NB-IoT hardware.

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