Dallas among the first cities for 5G technology ahead

For 5G technology, importance has been gained by the Dallas among the few others. For the blinding speed of 5G wave of wireless technology, city of Dallas is on the list of many major players to provide their 5G networks first hand.

AT&T has upgraded its network in Dallas for 5G services and it is accessible in the downtown at a park near to Dallas Art District.

Effects of the 5G will be reaching businesses and consumers in the ways not previously experienced by them. Peoples will be using smartphones to stream videos whether they are in malls, coffee shops, homes or on streets. Manufactures and retailers will become more efficient due to 5G technology and hospitals will also be providing treatment to the patients in a different and advanced way using the technology. And with the autonomous transportation using 5G technology to navigate, people will be finding fewer drivers in the vehicles.

On 5G networks apps run smoothly and connecting multiple devices will not be affecting the speed of its. For both, businesses and consumers, 5G is a game changer.

And for all this transition, Dallas has been invested by the companies.

For the new technology, with an investment of $45 million, installation of small-cell sites has been under progress in Dallas by Crown Castle, a wireless infrastructure provider. Crown Castle, as part of its project in Dallas, besides other cities, has been installing more than 200 small-cell sites, but for which carrier, the company not yet disclosed the name.

Upon roll out of the 5G smartphones, Dallas has been slated among first cities by T-mobile to launch its 5G services next year. In North Texas and other cities, first half of the next year will be the time which Sprint has been intending to offer its services. “Open 5G TF” standard for household, although not through mobile devices but through routers, has been started by the Verizon in Houston and other cities.

“5G is like wireline capabilities but with wireless convenience,” said Mike Murphy, chief technology officer for North America at Nokia.

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