Cox offering gig speed to 90 percent

Cox Communication has announced that access to gigabit Internet speeds has now been available to 90 percent of its customers and by the end of next year that will be available to 99 percent of the customers through its GIGABLAST service.

Kevin Hart, executive vice president, chief product and technology officer at Cox, said that Cox’s panoramic WiFi gateway coupled with speed in gigabits will make it possible to connect more and more devices with the home networks providing desired quality of personal technology experience as in today’s world number of gadgets connected to home networks has been growing on adding and with that user-experience quality depends entirely upon the quality of home Wifi networks.

Cox Communications, serving about six million households and business customers across 18 states, is the largest private telecom company in the United States owned by Cox Enterprises, founded by Governor James M. Cox in 1898 as family-owned business.

To deliver home automation and security service to homes and businesses along with phone, video and high-speed internet services, Cox has upgraded its infrastructure by investing more than $15 billion in the last 10 years and in next five years, focusing on enhanced user experience, it intends to invest an additional $10 billion not only for the growth of its own but also to enable itself to remain in a leading position in broadband services.

And to internet, with current announcement of offering of gigabit service to 90 percent of its customers, Cox, in last 17 years, has increased its offered internet speeds more than 10 times.

This year,with its advanced and reliable technology, Cox has handled 8.6 TB of data over WiFi network and total internet traffic, through 28,800 devices, of about 40 TB of data in Consumer Electronics Show, at the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC).

Cox will also be supporting the CES 2019.

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