Comtech got another contract award from the long-related customer

On Tuesday in press release, Comtech Telecommunication Corp. announced to receive the contracts totaling $4.2 million by its subsidiary Comtech PST Corp during its first quarter of fiscal 2019.

Comtech PST Corp., a New York based subsidiary of Comtech Telecommunication Corp., is the part of Comtech’s segment of Government Solutions and it secured the contracts from a leading communication systems and aviation electronics provider for provision of solid-state, high power RF amplifiers.

For commercial mobile airborne-to-satellite-to-ground communications services, as part of satellite communications systems, these contracted amplifiers of Comtech will be utilized for aircrafts communication systems. Comtech succeeded to get the order from the same customer after providing it high-power amplifiers previously, which will enhance the installed base of Comtech.

Comtech’s CEO has been seeing the contract awards as the evidence of their commercial aircraft amplifier’s growing demand and showed his complements to be in business relation with that premier supplier of aviation satellite communications systems for a long period of time.

To be used in a broad spectrum of applications from instrumentation to medical and from radar to satellite communications systems, Comtech PST Corp. has been supplying high-power, broadband, high-performance control components and RF microwave amplifiers for that spectrum ranking it one of the leading independent supplier.

For complex communication solutions, innovative products have been designed, developed, produced and marketed by the Comtech Telecommunications Corp. to its diverse customer base of state-owned as well as commercial communications markets worldwide.

Earlier on Monday, Comtech Telecommunications Corp. also announced an additional funding of $5.9 million for supply of baseband and satellite communications equipment for different parts of United States Army and United States Marine Corps. The funding has been received by the Command & Control Technologies group, which is also a part of Comtech’s Government Solutions segment holding a leading status for provision of mission-critical, highly-mobile C4ISR solutions.

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