Comcast launched new tools developed for TV advertisers

Comcast Corp this week launched new advertising means to help advertisers in finding and targeting specific television viewers appropriate for their commercials, a move by the largest TV provider in the United States in its efforts of attracting ad dollars away from the digital streaming service providers.

Since long, the TV industry has been in efforts of catching up to internet and digital advertising that for long have capability of allowing companies to target ads to users based on their interests, and can more easily assess the performance and effectiveness of those ads in convincing consumers to buy a product or visit stores.

The cable ad sales division of Comcast will be renamed as Effectv. The concept behind choosing this name is that Comcast is highlighting that TV is not just an awareness building medium but can also be an effective one, Maria Weaver, Comcast Advertising’s Chief Marketing Officer, told in an interview.

Comcast will be using its proprietary data as well as other data to help advertisers know about the program their target audience have been watching on TV, and that will help them purchasing right time for their commercials to reach certain viewers, said the company on Monday.

In the past, advertisers mostly had to work out what viewers have been watching on TV, and in doing so they remained wrong for most of the time as that was merely a wild guess, President of Comcast Advertising Marcien Jenckes, said in an interview.

Usage of up to five different versions of a commercial will be allowed to advertisers by the company, and advertisers will then utilize that facility to show different version of a commercial to target different type of audiences as per their interests.

TV industry is going through a larger trend of selling and delivering audiences instead of selling and delivering spots for commercials, and Comcast’s new ad capabilities are part of that shift, Jenckes said.

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