Comcast developed Blockgraph for peer-to-peer information sharing

Last week, the next phase of Blockgraph has been launched by the Comcast Cable Advertising. In order to create a secure way to share information and use data, Blockgraph is a project designed by the industry players, which not only benefits the participants providing with insights of entire network but also allows them, through its peer-to-peer platform, to control and protect their data.

Blockgraph will be providing TV audiences with same level of scale and depth of digital media by creating secure and privacy-optimized identity layer.

For the initiative of Blockgraph, Comcast Cable Advertising, a division of Comcast Corporation (CMCSA), has now been collaborating with other industry partners like Spectrum Reach, the advertising sales division of Charter Communications, Inc. and Viacom. For addressable advertising, the collaborative efforts towards Blockgraph, will be facilitating the participants with secure exchange of privacy-compliant audience insights.

With additional feature of protections to user privacy by not disclosing identifiable user data to third parties, best-in-class data capabilities has been provided to marketers by the publishers and media companies through the platform of Blockgraph, becoming identity layer for the TV industry.

Blockgraph platform, allowing TV and media companies to safely activate, connect and control their data-scale, is blockchain-enabled software that has been incubated within FreeWheel group of Comcast.

Comcast has developed the software of Blockgraph for its objective of deriving better targeting, measurement, execution and planning across the screens by improving the effectiveness and efficiency of data-driven TV advertising and marketing.

In the advertising ecosystem of global TV, Blockgraph, to participants related to media like buyers, sellers and most importantly consumers, provides solutions for their challenges of data activation.

Consumer privacy in Blockgraph platform is an inbuilt characteristic as it allows the participants to continue to be managing their user’s privacy and protecting the data because the data only stays at the systems of respective participants.

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