Cisco team up with AWS for Kubernetes

In an announcement on last Thursday, Amazon Web Services and Cisco revealed that they are being teaming up for a hybrid solution for kubernetes platform. Under this solution, Amazons with its kubernates cloud service and Cisco with its software for on premises installation and management of kubernates will come up to make Cisco Hybrid Cloud Solution for Kubernetes on AWS.

The solution will be alike to that Cisco already been doing with Google for its Cloud Platform. But will be different from the Microsoft Azure, in which for software stacks Cisco provide the hardware solution for software stacks giving the customers an on premises version of Azure Stack which is a public cloud.

The step by Cisco and Amazon has been taken to facilitate the IT and developer groups to easily manage the Kubernetes which is among the leading platforms for application containers. Now with this new hybrid integration around Kubernetes, developer’s dependency to consider the type of platform in use before writing application has been eliminated. Now they can write applications similarly for both in premises platform or cloud.

For Cisco this partnership with most popular cloud platform like AWS is of utmost importance; because in current Cloud age, to maintain significance as Technology Company, IT infrastructure companies including Cisco are in a quest to remain relevant.

Cisco is more successful than its competitors by holding comparatively large share of market with its huge sales, mostly generated from businesses market of enterprise data centers providing cloud services.

Availability of Cisco Hybrid Solution for AWS on an annual subscription basis has been expected next month for which Cisco to an entry-level configuration is planning to start from about $65,000. For each Amazon EKS cluster used and cloud resources used by that cluster will be additionally charged to customer by AWs at an hourly rate of 20 cents.

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