Cisco preparing hardware aiming new Wi-Fi technology

Cisco Systems Inc is launching a hardware compatible with the next generation of Wi-Fi standards, a move that will not only refresh company’s core infrastructure business but will also help the company to attract more revenue from software business, said the company in last week.

Cisco announced rolling out of new switches and access points for businesses that will work with new Wi-Fi standard dubbed as Wi-Fi 6, which is expected to be launched by 2022. Cisco’s access points will be working as spot for laptops, phones and other devices at corporate offices to be connected with and carry that traffic to the business’s wired-network connected switches.

At the moment when most laptops and phones are not having any chip installed to connect these devices with the Wi-Fi 6, Cisco’s strategy of releasing hardware for the same in advance is to take gain from the Wi-Fi 6, while company is already holding 45 percent of the corporate Wi-Fi systems market, according to the research firm IDC.

Cisco’s new network technology is designed in way that will not only help making the Wi-Fi speed better but will also address some of the biggest issues experiencing Wi-Fi networks currently, as it is designed to avoid slowdowns when number of television, smart speakers, sensors, security cameras and other devices connected with a Wi-Fi network rises.

The use of software to manage the wireless network’s traffic is increasing and many of new features of the technology will take place because of that greater use; and to get the most out of it, Cisco is stopping making its best-selling switch and launching a new switch for corporate networks having a capacity of running more software, which the company will be selling along with the switch.

In the past several years, deriving a larger share of its network infrastructure sales from software is part of Cisco’s long-term strategy, said Brandon Butler, a senior research analyst for IDC.

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