China will be leading Broadband Services by 2023

A report from Rethink founded China to be leading in race of gigabit broadband followed by the Europe ranking United States at third place after falling slightly behind of it.

By 2023, in Asia as a whole with 68 percent connection, China will be standing on top with 57 percent of the gigabits connections, while Europe will be enjoying with its market share of 18 percent. And when looking in Americas, in leading position will be North America with its 11 percent broadband connections to Latin America for its market share of 3 percent.

By this time of 2023, benefitting from the China Mobile’s series of infrastructure development, 42 percent of homes in China will be accessing broadband services of 1 Gbps or above. When considering about 1.4 billion population of China with that of 364 million of North America, Chinese percentage pale out the percentage in North America with an impressive number of 42 percent. Germany, United Kingdom and Latin America will also be among who will be lagging China in percentage scale.

Report also suggested that US will be dominating in use of DOCSIS 3.1 while mostly fiber technology has been expected to be used by the rest of the world.

Small group of giant private companies providing broadband services, with non competition trait toward each other to form monopolies at local levels, will be causing barrier to countries including United States to better compete the China in broadband connections. To the other end provision of broadband services to more and more customers in shortest span of time has been aimed by the state-owned telecom business of China which includes China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicorn.

Rethink report also stated that 1Gbps will become the common option available with much cheaper prices due to use of fiber optics, despite users currently being reluctant to opt for the same due to its higher costs.

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