China took the matter of Australia’s 5G restriction to WTO

At the World Trade Organization on Friday, China told Australia that restricting Chinese 5G telecoms technology was clearly a discriminative act by Australia and in fact is a breach of global trade rules, according to a transcript seen by Reuters.

Measures of restricting 5G technology has greatly impacted the international trades and would not be solving the issues around cybersecurity concerns but will only be making the countries technologically isolated, said China’s representative at the WTO’s Council on Trade in Goods.

Australia in last August, for concerning over national security risks, has ban Huawei Technologies Co Ltd from supplying equipment for a 5G mobile network in the country, an action the Chinese company criticized as being politically motivated.

Australia had restricted the Chinese telecoms gear maker from supplying the 5G equipments without publishing any official document for the same and also enforced the ban before the relevant law stood effective on Sept 18, 2018, said the Chinese diplomat.

Cybersecurity and 5G security are the matters which require international cooperation, and discriminatory and country-specific measure neither address those concerns on cybersecurity nor make any country safe but came on disrupting the global industrial chain and keep those restricting countries away from the application of better technologies, the Chinese diplomat told the meeting.

Representative of Australia attending the meeting spoke briefly just to acknowledge that the Australian government has received the written questions from China on the matter, but added that country’s Trade Ministry have not yet have time to prepare its response to the same, Reuters reported, citing an official who attended the meeting. WTO rules not allow the member countries to discriminate between trading partners or reject imports from a specific country, except in case of national security to get an exemption for not following the normal global trade rules.

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