China set to block China Mobile’s application for U.S. network services

Ajit Pai, Chairman of Federal Communications Commission, said on Wednesday that he will go up against the bid of China Mobile Ltd for provision telecommunications services in the United States, for concerns about security risks, and said that a voting by the commission is scheduled in a May meeting to decide upon the company’s application for the same.

China Mobile is seeking approval not to provide wireless services to U.S. consumers, but to provide them services of making phone calls between the United States and other countries.

The application seeking approval to provide such services was filed at the FCC by China Mobile, and the FCC is in the view that the Chinese government is not only indirectly controlling that company but is also the ultimate owner of it.

Members of the FCC, that are five in number, are expected to be supporting Pai’s draft order, officials said on Wednesday.

Application to provide telecommunications services in the United States by China Mobile makes it clear that it will substantially and critically raise the risks related to national security and law enforcement, Pai said in a statement.

Officials at FCC said that if Chine Mobile succeeded to get approval, it would become able to utilize its network for exploiting US telephone network to increasingly gather the intelligence against U.S. government agencies and other sensitive targets.

In granting approval to China Mobile USA, is a significant risk of Chinese government, using it to conduct activities that would make the United States’ national security and law enforcement interests exposed to serious risks, FCC officials told reporters on a call.

China Mobile USA is a Delaware corporation that first applied for permission in 2011, seeking FCC approval to provide international facilities-based and resale telecommunications services between the U.S. and foreign destinations, to which in 2018 FCC was asked not to grant approval, recommended by U.S. intelligence community over security concerns.

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