China is heading towards smart highway by deploying 5G technology

Stepping up its efforts to excel further in global 5G race, China Mobile has announced that it has already been working on first ever 5G-focused smart highway.

Chinese state-owned news agency Xinhua reported that Chine mobile, which is also a state-owned carrier, is building the highway’s infrastructure in Wuhan, capital of Hubei Province in central China, and that road system will be at the city level with capabilities to support interconnectivity between cellular transportation services.

China Mobile is the largest telecommunication company of China and with the current move it is planning to provide several 5G services on the highway. To start with, company will be rolling out its smart toll stations on the highway, which will eliminate the current toll interfaces as well as their human operators. In next phase the carrier is planning on gathering real-time traffic data to be used for predictions with the help of artificial intelligence (AI), which will also be utilized to assist autonomous vehicles on the highway.

Coming up with the announcement of 5G highway plans or partial efforts towards the deployment, China Mobile is although not the world’s first network carrier with such moves, as same announcements had also been made by different carrier in several parts of the world, but the company might be the first one completing and actually offering commercial and coordinated transportation services on live highways, and that status of being first also depends upon the progress made by rivals in other countries.

In neighboring country of South Korea, several carriers or companies like KT, LG U+ and SK Telecom, have successfully completed their limited 5G tests of autonomous vehicles, and in this race Samsung came up and standing high as, in order to test cars away from the people, it has even built a fake city.

To support its initiative of smart highway, 31 5G base stations have already been installed by the China Mobile in Wuhan and expected to adding up 2,000 of more stations during this year.

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