Ceph to pace up by Foundation transform

For an open source storage platform, Linux Foundation has announced the formation of Ceph Foundation to address interfacing between infrastructure for Containers, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

With enhanced organization and easy access features, cloud provider and enterprises has been using Ceph to reduce the cost of information storage.  A unified distribution storage system to provide better and faster availability of objects through block and file system interfaces for applications is being developed by Ceph Foundation.

Use of Ceph has been boosted with increase in number of AI and ML, container and new clouds results left with immense amount of unstructured data. Growing at the pace of 55 percent to 65 percent annually, unstructured data is occupying more than 80 percent of the enterprise data, reported Linux Foundation. And to organize such unstructured data, storage system of block and file play major role having infrastructure platforms like OpenStack and Kubernetes as its key components.

Ceph block storage has been used by majority of about two-thirds of the clouds on OpenStack and among Ceph’s other user, BMW, Bloomberg, Cisco, ZTE, Salesforce SK Telecom, SAP, Rackspace and Duetsche Telekom are some of the names. By running applications on its containers based storage infrastructur, Rook is also one of a Ceph user. Academic and financial institutions, government organizations, manufacturers, software solutions and telecomm infrastructure providers also stand among the Ceph users besides enterprises and cloud providers.

Ceph Advisory formed by CERN, Fujitsu, Red Hat, SUSE, SanDisk, Caninical and Cisco in 2015 is descendant of Ceph Foundation. Now with inclusion of DigitalOcean, Red Hat, Ubuntu, Western Digital, China Mobile, Canonical, SoftIron, OVH, SUSE and Intel, the number of academic institution and vendors who joined Ceph Foundation has been raised to thirty.

Linux is considering, formation of Ceph Foundation, as an accelerating factor for Ceph to pace up its impressive growth in software development.

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