Brazil’s Oi using Huawei equipment to test 5G technology in Rio music festival

Brazil’s telecom carrier Oi SA has chosen a musical event of Rock in Rio for testing its fifth-generation wireless network (5G).

The trials will be conducted using equipment of China’s Huawei Technology Co Ltd and will mark one of the biggest moves towards launch of the 5G technology in the country.

Entire staff of the music event, that has began on Friday September 27 and will end on Sunday October 6, has been using the 5G to capture live coverage of the music festival, whereas handsets have also been made available to public to test the technology during the event, according to Oi.

The venue of the event is known as the “City of Rock”, which is expected to be attracting around 100,000 people every day by featuring local and international bands including Bon Jovi, The Black Eyed Peas and Foo Fighters, the telecom carrier added.

Oi suggested Rock in Rio to deploy 5G technology during the event, which will came transforming the venue in the first of the Brazilian cities to connect  making use of the 5G technology, said Oi’s operational director Claudio Moreira Goncalves, in a statement.

Oi is the largest fixed line carrier in Brazil and it has began 5G trials in March at a time when it has made a partnership with Huawei to stage its first 5G test in Buzios, a resort town in the Rio de Janeiro state, by utilizing a 100Mhz block of spectrum having a frequency bandwidth of 3.5GHz.

In July, the telecom operator also scored gigabit download speeds during a 5G demonstration at the gaming event of Game XP 2019 also in Rio de Janeiro.

Oi went through filing a bankruptcy protection to restructure debts of 65 billion reais in 2016, hurting the telecom operator’s customer base to declined by 20% to 35 million, according to its most recent earnings, and since then the telecom carrier is focused on restoring its mobile operations.

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