BMW and Daimler joined forces to form five ventures around mobility services

German automakers BMW Group and Daimler AG have been joining forces to form a new 1 billion euro ($1.13 billion) mobility partnership.

Earlier in March 2018, both auto giants has announced that in order to take on major tech players like Uber and Didi, they would join forces and the current announcement is the concluding part of that decision in which both will be joining their mobility services to provide enhanced sustainable urban mobility services for customers.

The ways in which people move are changing and in their attempt to adapt to those changes, both companies will develop and mesh together their mobility offerings like ride-hailing, parking, car sharing, multimodal transport and charging services to form five separate joint ventures namely, Free Now, Park Now, Share Now, Reach Now and Charge Now, and both companies are seeing to grow their global footprints through that mobility partnership.

The mobility services of both of the companies have not only been enjoying strong customer base, which surpass to a combined total of 60 million active users to date, but are also posses sound experiences in their respective areas.

German capital Berlin has been chosen as the base for the organization’s headquarters for being innovation and creativity hub as well as for its attractiveness for employees and new talents. In next few years, companies are hoping to be creating 1,000 jobs globally.

Reach Now will provide the users with simple and direct access to variety of mobility services for their journey and allow them to book and directly pay for mode of transport of their choice for that journey.

Charge Now will provide the users information about the charging points, point’s availability and a payment solution for charging services.

Share Now will provide carsharing facility while Free Now covers the ride-hailing services for the customers, whereas Park now provide the solution for all the needs  of customers related to parking.

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