Blackberry for EoT bought Cylance

Finally, after rumors spread earlier this month, last week Blackberry has unveiled its deal to buy Cylance, a cyber security company. The deal has been finalized at about $1.4 billion.

After discontinuation of in-house manufacturing in 2016, the current deal is an indication of Blackberry is heading towards the enterprise security model. Blackberry has been well known for making connected car technology and security solution for Internet of Things devices. For iOS and Android platform devices, chip-level security products have been devised by the Blackberry.

Particularly for its QNX and UEM and generally for its entire portfolio, Blackberry officials have been seeing an immediate set off through cyber security and artificial intelligence proficiency of Cylance.

Blackberry consider that, to its trust worthiness in secure mobility, embedded systems and advantages in privacy, Cylance will proved to be a value addition. Blackberry, due to its significance ahead, is eager to adopt the Enterprise of Things.

Internet of Things or IoT is a straight forward matter in today’s world being familiar to everyone who uses gadgets like smartphone, standalone PC or a laptop, which will interconnect the entire internet using devices and producing immense quantity of data from its usage.  Afterwards we were introduced to Industrial Internet of Things or IIot and Location of Things or LoT. And now Apple, with the contribution of Enterprise of Things or EoT, has come up with the new terminology.

In EoT, there will be more than ever chances of exposure of data, created by hyper connected devices, to security breaches and hacking. And cyber security plays critical role to overcome these issue as security risks are the major hurdle for to the companies to go for EoT at first stance.

Apple for heading toward EoT, has picked Cylance which already has been providing antivirus and endpoint protection services to more than 3,500 corporate clients which not only include  federal and state government departments but also includes 100 out of fortune 500 companies.

After successful deal closure, Cylance will be operating separately within Blackberry.

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