BlackBerry filed lawsuit against Twitter on patent violations

BlackBerry on Wednesday has filed a lawsuit against Twitter for violation of at least six of its patents.

BlackBerry is alleged that social media company is using BlackBerry-developed technology in its mobile messaging applications.

BlackBerry in its lawsuit describing the Twitter as relative latecomer, accused that Twitter on its main Twitter application as well as Twitter Ads has been using the six of the features including mobile advertising techniques, notifications, silencing of notifications and push technology for a message thread, which were the features invented by BlackBerry.

In its complaint, BlackBerry said that Twitter actively diverted the consumers away from products made by BlackBerry by misappropriation of the features developed by BlackBerry which were the critical player in success story of the former smartphone maker and Twitter also called these features to be of its own.

Twitter did not respond Reuters’ request for comments.

BlackBerry was the pioneer in offering messaging services to the customers and that also includes its BlackBerry Messenger services and was also famous for its devices with mobile email features, but due to tough competition from rivals entered into the messaging segment at later stages, like iPhone by Apple, Galaxy a flagship series by Samsung and other smartphones running on Android platform had attracted the customers with more powerful features, caused the BlackBerry to leave the business of making smartphones.

BlackBerry, in 2016, after leaving its hardware business, a core segment of its entire business at that time, diverted towards development of software to be used for management of mobile devices and other products like autonomous vehicles.

The Waterloo, Ontario-based company filed lawsuit against Twitter with the U.S. District Court in Los Angeles which resembles two other patent infringement cases filed by it in last March and April against Facebook Inc and Snap Inc.

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