AT&T’s ads returning to YouTube with confidence

On Friday, AT&T announced that it will again start buying advertising on YouTube.

For the concerns of its ads possibly be appearing next to inappropriate content, the U.S. wireless carrier had left the Alphabet Inc’s video platform two years ago.

AT&T, being one of the largest U.S. brand marketer by total ad spend, according to research form eMarketer, is more valuable for the YouTube and its return on the platform will be ending a turbulent period

YouTube has been going through a turbulent period which started in March 2017 with major advertisers including Johnson & Johnson and Verizon Communication Inc leaving the platform when their ads came up playing during such videos that contained disturbing material including hate speech, and now return of AT&T, which ranked among largest U.S. marketers, will likely to be capping off that period.

AT&T as a major advertiser came on delaying while other brands returned to YouTube eventually.

AT&T, for 22 months, remained working closely with Google to eliminate any risk of its ads on YouTube to be appearing next to such content which is unapproved or inappropriate, and now AT&T is returning to YouTube of being confident of having near-zero possibility of the same, Fiona Carter, AT&T’s chief brand officer, said in an interview. And towards AT&T’s decision to return, important role was played by YouTube’s improvement in its artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) and its videos going through increased human review, Carter said.

In order to make it sure that its ads would not unintentionally be appearing on such videos which are contradicting with its corporate values, AT&T, using Google house ads, ran three “dummy” ad campaigns on the YouTube.

On quarterly basis, AT&T will be reviewing the topics and content deciding whether suitable for its brands or not, as it avoid contents with violence, extremism, hate speech or adult content.

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