AT&T’s 5G network already up in 12 previously promised cities

AT&T, on Tuesday, announced that its network, with the first mobile 5G device arriving on Friday, December 21, is now live in parts of 12 cities across the United States.

Though the first 5G network compatible device, Nighthawk 5G Mobile Hotspot by Netgear, will become available just before start of the Christmas holiday, according to an AT&T spokesperson, but it’s 5G network is already up and running in parts of the 12 cities which it promised previously. The cities include Waco, Atlanta, San Antonio, Charlotte, Raleigh, Dallas, New Orleans, Houston, Oklahoma City, Indianapolis, Louisville and Jacksonville.

Its 5G network is truly mobile, said the AT&T, and also compliant to 3GPP standards. To part of its network running over millimeter wave spectrum and technologies, it will be calling it 5G+ and the Nighthawk 5G Mobile Hotspot will also be running on that 5G+ network.

AT&T didn’t confirmed speed of its 5G network specifically but mentioned that customers, with evolution of 5G ecosystem, will be experiencing enhanced devices, coverage and speeds.

For pricing AT&T has been initially coming up with promotional offerings for hardware and 5G service. New pricing set to follow later in spring 2019, the consumer, small business, and business markets taking on its mobile 5G device and wireless data at earlier stages will be able to get those free of cost for a period of 90 days, as said AT&T.

After beginning of its pricing set in spring 2019, AT&T will be charging $70 per month for 15GB of 5G service, with a straight price of $499 for Nighthawk 5G Mobile Hotspot.

AT&T has referred 5G prices comparable with current plan of 10GB of 4G data for $50 per month.

5G plans for smartphones have not yet been announced by the company.

AT&T has set late 2019 as its target for wider availability of 5G coverage which, till early 2020, will expand nationwide.

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