AT&T will stop sharing customer location with vendors

On Tuesday, AT&T decided that from March this year, data sharing activities with third-party vendors would be stopped, expecting the move being helpful to keep its customers away from being adversely affected in the future.

Last year, to the concern over security issue of its customers, AT&T had seized the sharing of most of its location services except o few that are deemed beneficial for the customers.

Motherboard has unveiled a detailed report on Monday citing bounty hunters maliciously using data from various carriers including T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint and AT&T, which not only alerted the telcos but the government officials including some of the senators asking for an FCC investigation into the matter of serious nature.

Now in the midst of such an alarming situation, AT&T has once again said that all location data will no longer be sold to so-called location aggregators, which works as mediatory between the telcos and the end users that make their role to be very vital in the supply chain of the location data sharing activities.

Seemingly it is clear that the purpose of consuming the cell phone location-based data by the end users has not been known to the telecom carriers who share the data with third-party vendors. An investigation carried by the Motherboard revealed that wide variety of small players, most of whom lack necessary protective measures, have access to data comprising a customer’s real time location. And due to that lacking the data trickles into the hands of users with malicious intentions who uses that data for the gains.

Contrary to the malicious users, there are some companies who do use location data more legitimately by assisting financial companies for fraud detection or roadside assistance firms to locate the stranded customers, but the current stance of AT&T will be applied to such companies as well.

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