AT&T to collaborate with Navy for FirstNet

FirstNet, a nationwide public safety communications network being built by AT&T in the United States for first responders, has been opted to be used by the Navy and Marine Corps.

About a month ago, a policy directive issued by the Department of the Navy guided for the deployment of wireless FirstNet system and now the AT&T announced on Monday that the both defense organizations has signed up for suing the system.

The directive was the first significant step towards the FirstNet that will eventually results in procurement, deployment and management of services related to the FirstNet, Mike Leff, defense business lead of AT&T, said in the company’s statement.

Designed specifically for first responders and the public safety community, FirstNet system was launched for having intentions to provide highly secure, reliable and interoperable high-speed wireless broadband network across the country that could quickly pass the information without facing any interruption and AT&T, by going through a partnership, is helping First Responder Network Authority to build that platform.

Both the Navy Installations Command and Marine Corps Installations Command, through a directive from the secretary of the Navy, assigned to develop functional, budgetary and technical strategies, requirements and procedures for implementation and deployment of FirstNet as well as integration of the system at their facilities across the country, and were tasked to identify their safety first response entities eligible for platform which will then be assessed by AT&T whether the platform of FirstNet came up with communications requirements at those facilities.

AT&T will also made FirstNet devices and services available to the Department of the Navy, as in 2017 the operator has been awarded with “Wireless Spiral 3” contract of worth almost $1 billion for mobile devices and services.

FirstNet has been opted by all 50 states, Washington, D.C. and five territories and AT&T, selected in 2017 for the job, holds a 25-year contract to build that platform.

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