AT&T joins hand with Mirantis for its Network Cloud for 5G

AT&T is partnering with cloud platform provider Mirantis for build out of its next generation of Network Cloud for 5G.

The exact amount at which the deal has been concluded was not disclosed by any of the company but that is expected to be multi-million or eight digit figure to be precise.

In May 2018, AT&T in collaboration with Intel, OpenStack Foundation and SK Telecom has started an open source project called Project Airship and software from the same platform, AT&T has now been using for build out of its Network Cloud.

In simple words, it is lot easier for users like manufacturers, telecom, healthcare providers or even individual developers, to build and manage their cloud infrastructure on Airship, said Amy Wheelus, AT&T’s vice president of cloud and Domain 2.0 Platform integration, in a blog post announcing the project last May. 

Project Airship makes it possible to build out several data centers and their management on a single life cycle, and that is most important aspect of that project for AT&T, which it has foresighted one and a half year ago which led the company to build its data centers using open source, said Boris Renski, co-founder and CMO of Mirantis.

AT&T’s Integrated Cloud or AIC was comprised of more than 100 data centers, and AT&T had hinted of its name changed to Network Cloud at the time of announcement of Project Airship and now AT&T is came out calling it as Network Cloud for 5G.

AIC still exists under new name of Network Cloud, and AT&T is now moving further by refreshing and building out its cloud which matches with its 5G intentions, Renski said.

Network Cloud for 5G will based on Kubernetes and containers and will be built by Mirantis and AT&T, which will be taking part in to that build out through Project Airship but many of its workload will still be running on VMs within its legacy AIC.

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