AT&T is upgrading Chicago and Minneapolis to 5G this year among other

AT&T has announced two more cities added in its real 5G network upgrades, but the fact is also there that presently there have been no devices available which could be used on these 5G networks.

Still, Chicago and Minneapolis will be the two new cities, which have been added to the cities that will be seeing next generation of cellular networks by the company.

In last week, AT&T has announced in press release that, with latest addition of Chicago and Minneapolis, the 5G will be brought to a total of 21 of the U.S. cities by the end of this year, as reported Engadget.

Dallas, Waco, Atlanta, San Antonio, Charlotte, Jacksonville, New Orleans, Houston, Oklahoma, Louisville, Indianapolis and Raleigh were the 12 cities where AT&T has launched its 5G network in late last year.

In 2019 company was planning to add 5G services to 7 more cities that include San Jose, Orlando, San Diego, Nashville, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Los Angeles, and now the currently announced cities of Chicago and Minneapolis will also join these cities, which will bring the total of 21 cities with AT&T’s 5G services.

AT&T has caught a lot of criticism for its 5Ge network, which also faded out its real 5G network rollout as it and failed to get much of the attention it deserved. But company is still rolling out its 5G network upgrades, which shows its ambitions about the next generation cellular network.

Another hurdle, which is making its 5G upgrades unnoticed and largely a theoretical network, is absence of actual 5G compatible hardware which could be used on these upgraded services for a real 5G experience. Right now, AT&T is promising to have some 5G compatible phones in second half of this year, while two 5G devices are expected to be announced by Samsung as early as end of current month.

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