AT&T invested $5.3 billion while Lawmakers aiming to expand broadband to rural Georgia

Telecom Industry and the local governments’ representatives, acknowledging next-generation wireless technology critical for the business growth in Georgia and  for easier deployment of 5G small-cells for the same, have concluded six months of their negotiations to an agreement on making necessary legislation.

Currently metro Atlanta and other urban areas of the Georgia that are equipped with 5G network capability and this winter session General Assembly, as part of broader legislative package, has been likely to be introducing reformed process for deployment of small-cell and will also be aiming for expanding broadband service in rural parts of the Georgia.

On December 18, a report stressing upon broadband roll outs has unanimously adopted by the Senate study committee, said Sen. Frank Ginn, Chairman of that committee, with hopes of broadband being deployed with faster pace across all over Georgia.

In this year session Georgian lawmakers, to help rural communities to expand broadband services based upon recommendations of House Rural Development Council created for the purpose of looking ways for improvement of rural Georgia’s economy, has passed a bill for creating a grant program. But other issues related to broadband expansion including payment methodology for an aggressive program of broadband deployment and streamlined process for approval of 5G wireless permits remain unresolved during 40 day legislative session.

This summer, after a series of meetings, representatives of Georgia’s cities and counties and executives of telecommunication companies, came to a common conclusion for expansion of broadband deployment.

In the United States, there are still 26 states which are lagging behind for not passing legislation making the regulation easier for accelerating the process of small-cell technology deployment.

AT&T, between 2015 and 2017, despite knowing the fact that Georgia is also among those 26 states, had made investment of about $5.3 billion on its wired and wireless networks in state.

AT&T in a statement on December 19 stated, “While work continues on some of the finer drafting details, we fully expect to jointly recommend a legislative small-cell proposal to the General Assembly in January”.

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