Apple’s new move of supplying parts to independent repair shops

Apple Inc, after years of lobbying against right-to-repair laws in some U.S. states, is now seems to be ready to change its repair strategy by starting selling parts, tools and repair guides to independent shops to repair broken, announced the company on Thursday.

The program will initially be launched in the United States before being started out to the other countries, which will help Apple to overcome the heavy demand on its own outlets as well as authorized partners to provide repair and maintenance work of fixing millions of malfunctioned charging ports and cracked screens.

Apple’s reversal in repair policy means that independent repair shops will now be offered parts of iPhones officially by Apple for carrying out repair work of those iPhones whose warranty has become expired and that too on the same price it has been providing those parts to its authorized service providers like warranty service provider Best Buy Inc.

The new strategy could come with new opportunities for Apple to sell accessories and services that will result in encouraging the iPhone owners to hand down used phones to their friends and families, said Ben Bajarin, an analyst with Creative Strategies.

The move will not only be helpful for Apple to make its products more affordable for the customers but will also helps the company to increase its customer base with more of the people with iPhone in their hands. Every data evaluation tells the same story that if someone enters into the Apple ecosystem, they generally don’t leave that ecosystem, added Bajarin.

The independent store, as part of Apple’s new program, will be allowed to set the repair prices of their own along with offering of aftermarket parts at cheaper rates, but they will be required to return any broken Apple parts so collected in course of repair work to the company for recycling or refurbishment.

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