Apple will lay off 190 people in its autonomous cars program Project Titan

Apple Inc is intended to lay off 190 employees in its Project Titan, am autonomous car program of the company, said the company on Wednesday.

Apple is in pursuit of the automotive technologies and this layoff plan is providing the glimpses into that project.

The layoff plan surfaced when in filing with state regulators, the tech giant unveiled its intentions to reduce staff from its eight different facilities in Santa Clara county near its headquarter at Cupertino, California which will be effective on April 16.

A company spokesman also confirmed that the self-driving car program of the company will be facing the job cuts.

Apple has acknowledged the importance and its interest in autonomous cars but in wider terms, so it is not known that whether it has been manufacturing sensors, software or computer system to control such vehicles or even building a whole car as it never uttered anything about specific details of technologies it has been working on.

But public documents filed by the iPhone maker with the regulators provide some hints about its moves not disclosed by the company previously, as it includes hardware, software and machine learning engineers.

Position titles like product design engineer, ergonomics engineer also hints about products for the consumers without any further details.

Doug Field, Vice President of Special Projects, is leading the Apple’s Project Titan and these layoffs are appeared to be the first major changes following his returning to Apple last year after working at car maker Tesla Inc.

Apple employs 140,000 full-time workers out of which about 5,000 are the part of its car project, which the company has been operating on a “need-to-know” basis, according to court documents in a case against an ex-Apple employee.

Other documents filed with regulators earlier this month unveiled that Apple, in 2018, logged nearly 80,000 miles of testing on the roads in California which was far more than about 1,000 miles company had logged in 2017.

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