Apple updating iPhone software in China after banning orders

Apple, on Friday, has announced that to resolve the issue, likely to be arising from a court order passed last week banning some of iPhone models in China upon violation of Qualcomm’s patents, it will be offering software updates to its users.

In a statement to Reuters, in next week Apple, to address the issue two software of Qualcomm installed in its some iPhone models, will be replacing the same by providing updated software for users in China.

Last week, Qualcomm succeeded to get the preliminary orders from a Chinese court for banning import and sale of some older iPhone models in China upon Apple being violating patents of Qualcomm by using still using them in mobile phones.

In the midst of Apple currently facing declining international demand of its iPhones, the Chinese ban will also be strongly affecting its business in the world’s biggest smartphone market. Though the ban in China will take a longer time to be enforced, as said patent lawyers, but in global war between Qualcomm and Apple upon patents resulting in dozens of lawsuits upon each other, this case is not the only and the last one.

To the orders of Fuzhou Intermediate People’s Court in China for immediate ban on sales of older iPhone models, from the 6S through the X, Apple has filed a reconsideration request. In its request dated December 10, Apple for lifting the preliminary ban argued with a key consideration, that there is no likelihood of irreparable damages to the Qualcomm if sale of iPhones remains continue in China.

The copy of reconsideration request also shows Apple’s willingness to pay 600 million yuan ($87.08 million) as counter security for lifting the ban, a double of 300 million yuan ($43.54 million) bond amount which Qualcomm, to the potential damages to Apple from ban of its iPhone sales in China, has paid.

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