Apple halt practice of reviewing Siri recordings

Apple Inc decided to discontinue its default practice of keeping audio recordings of requests made by users to its personal assistant Siri and also decided to restrict the access to those audio recordings available only to its employees for human review rather than to be carried out by the contractors, said the company on Wednesday.

The move came following last month’s changes company has made by putting a program called Siri grading on hold. The program was of reviewing the audio recordings by humans to see whether the assistant responded correctly or not to the requests made by users to perform tasks like marking read or unread messages, or correctly replied the details of upcoming calendar appointments when inquired by the users.

But the iPhone maker paused that program after a newspaper report in the Guardian newspaper that its contractors, which are outsourced to carry out human reviews as part of that Siri grading program, have regularly heard user’s confidential information, drug deal and even couples having sex.

After increasing scrutiny of data privacy practices by public and political authorities, Silicon Valley companies are now under more pressure to exercise greater transparency in handling the user data as after a Dutch audio data leak, Alphabet Inc’s Google also hold all the human reviews of audio recordings from its Google assistant service for any purpose or in any language.

Apple remained the biggest promoter of privacy practices and to stand high from its rivals in data privacy practices the company came up taking several measures since introduction of Siri in 2011 with limited collection of user’s data. The measures involve deletion of audio recordings after a specific period, identification of user by a number chosen randomly and not sending of user’s specific data on its servers like calendar appointments or unread messages.

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