Amazon targeted by protesters – demanding action on climate changes

Al Jazeera

Amazon faced protests outside its headquarter in Paris and two of its distribution centers in France on Tuesday as several hundred environmental activists gathered outside its offices to protest as part of intensifying climate change demonstrations.

Groups like Friends of the Earth and “Gilets Jaunes”, which is responsible of escalating demonstrations against President Emmanuel Macron for past few months, also supported the protest.

Organizers said that around 240 people seized the entrance of Amazon’s main office in Paris with many of them denouncing business practices of the e-commerce giant, criticizing the company for paying its employees an unfair wage or paying such a tax share which is not fair.

Around 80 people blockaded company’s distribution center near Lille in the northern part of the country and another 70 were gathered at its warehouse in Toulouse, a city in Southern France. Both the distribution centers were forced to stop operating and workers were asked to leave the centers, organizers said.

Amazon, in its statement sent to Reuters, said that it respected the protesters’ right of expressing their viewpoint but defending its business practices the company said that it paid all the due taxes.

Amazon is very proud of its work environment and of the thousands of people company have in France as its employees. Company’s door are wide open for those who want to come and visit any of the company’s site and then make opinion of their own, the statement said.

A report issued last week, describing France lagging behind in fulfilling its commitment of trimming down CO2 emissions and combating the environmental changes, provoked their anger, said the demonstrators.

Aim of the protest in front of Amazon’s offices was not to have the company roll back from France but to make the company shun its plans for expansion in 2020, said the organizers.

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