Amazon tackling and offering help for customers searching about suicide Inc is planning promoting helpline phone numbers to customers inquiring about suicide on its website, the company told Reuters last week. The move followed the response of its site suggesting users to search for many harmful products including nooses when the word “suicide” was part of the search users were searching for.

In late last month, Amazon’s marketplace in the United States resulted in the webpage that was showing the users kits and nooses for the suicide when part of their search was having the word “suicide” in it.

Moreover, Amazon’s website in India came up with results including pesticides, sleeping pills and even a book having title “How To Commit Suicide” when searched with word suicide in it.

Big tech companies including Amazon are going through increased regulatory scrutiny as these big tech giants especially Amazon have been facing up to supervise its expanding marketplace that could possibly be used for selling illegal or banned product by manipulating the listing to remain undetectable.

After learning about listings for the rope nooses and book, Amazon removed and took them down.

According to Amazon’s website, the company does not support and even prohibits sellers from offering non-media products that have been promoting or even glorifying suicide.

Last month, a Wall Street Journal report also highlighted more than 4,000 products on Amazon’s site that were rather banned or considered to be dangerous by agencies in the United States or being offered for selling using deceiving labels.

Bigger social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Alphabet Inc’s Google are already in a practice of issuing helpline numbers whenever the term “suicide” is part of a user’s query.

In order to coup up with the matter, Amazon said that it encourages customers to click the feedback box located at the bottom of product’s detail page to record their concerns about any product.

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