Amazon launching voice-controlled eyeglasses and bringing celebrities’ voices to Alexa Inc is coming up with voices of celebrities including Samuel L. Jackson in audio of speeches for its virtual assistant Alexa, unveiled the company in an announcement last Wednesday.

Company’s new wearable products like eyeglasses, a ring and earbuds will also be aided with those voices already built in to them.

The world’s largest online retailer also announced new an additional privacy feature for deleting voice recordings regularly and a multilingual mode for Alexa and also announced a new line of voice-controlled Echo speakers.

The use of celebrities’ voice, additional features and new product line highlights the investment Amazon is putting into new computing technology of controlling it with verbal instructions that is an area where Apple Inc’s Siri and Alphabet Inc’s Google Assistant are in direct competition with it.

The feature of celebrity voice will be available at a price of $0.99, said Senior Vice President David Limp in a Seattle event, who did not disclose the name of any other celebrity except Jackson, whose voices will be powering the new feature.

Amazon’s new efforts also underscore by the introduction of a new line of wearable products which will also include Echo Frames, eyeglasses that customers would be using to communicate with Alexa while walking around.

Echo Frames are designed in way that people wearing them will only be able to hear Alexa talking, Limp said. Those frames of Amazon are not equipped with a display feature which differentiates it from Google Glass, which came with a display feature targeting corporate customers.

Amazon remained successful in selling more than 100 million integrated devices, after launch of its Echo speaker in 2014, for controlling those connected devices such as vacuum cleaners, microwaves and even cars, which helped Amazon to capture the biggest share in voice speaker market than have its rivals, according to research firm eMarketer.

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