A Double Internet Speed from this week by Shaw Communications

This holiday season, new and existing residential internet users of Shaw Communications will be enjoying double internet speed as a gift announced by the company for customers having its top internet plans.

Shaw Communications Inc., with its Business and Consumers services arms of Wireline division, is one of the leading connectivity companies in Canada. Digital phone, data, WiFi, video services and internet has provided to business by the Business arm of Shaw Communications whereas residential customer enjoys Shaw Go WiFi, video services, digital phone and broadband internet through its Consumer arm.

In the current week, existing customers with Shaw’s residential plans of Internet 150 and Internet 300 will be upgraded, automatically and with no additional charges, to an ultra fast download speed of 300 and 600 megabits-per-second (Mbps) respectively, while a speed as much as 4 times faster than the available speeds offered by mostly of the Shaw’s competitors in Western Canada will also be accessible by its new customers.

To expand its network, to nearly all zones in Western Canada, a major investment has been made by the Shaw over the past several years. Even during peak times customers of Shaw network, will be experiencing the reliable and fast internet speeds. Without having a requirement of network up gradation, a speed of high level will be available to nearly all Shaw’s customers.

Per Month prices as low as $55 and $50 with the two year price guarantee over its enhanced Internet 300 and Internet 150 plans will be available for six months to its new and existing residential customers. This will allow customers with price fixation for the time span of two year with guarantee, but a saving for that period with a peace of mind.

Beginning from Monday, all existing customers, with power-cycling of their modem, as well as new entrants will be getting the announced speed upgrade from this week.

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