$22 Million by Connect America for North Louisiana Broadband

According to the Public Service Commissioner on November 13 that from the financial support of $22 million nearly 54,000 households and businesses will have an access to high speed internet services in Louisiana.

In order to come with the broadband needs of North Louisiana’s undeserved and unserved areas, Federal Communication Commission will be helping providers of satellite internet, wireless and fiber under its “Connect America” program.

For North Louisiana’s education, public safety, commerce, health safety and also for home entertainment sectors, a reliable and fast internet services play a significant role.

In Phase II of Connect America funding, FCC has declared about 104,523 locations across North Louisiana as eligible for high-speed internet services, out of which nearly 52 percent with number of 54,580 homes and businesses are located in PSC District 5 comprised of 24 thinly populated parishes.

For expansion of broadband funded by FCC, AT&T is responsible for 79 percent of the that area, whereas

ViaSat has 3 percent and CenturyLink has 18 percent share. A deadline of end 2020 has been given to companies like AT&T and CenturyLink by the FCC to conclude their built-out of broadband services across the state. Companies have already completed the 40 percent work in 2017 and this bar will touch 60 percent level till the end of this year.

For the deliverance of broad band services with FCC guided download speed of 10 Mbps and upload speed of 1Mbps, companies can choose the method of their own choice. For Louisiana, CountryLink chose wire line technology, AT&T will be serving customers by Fixed Wireless whereas ViaSat will be offering services through satellite to serve its customers.

AT&T will be coming up with starting rate of $60 per month to address FCC requirement of service offering rates should be “reasonably comparable” to that in urban area.

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